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Baby Scrapbook Theme Albums From A to Z

Whether you are a novice or expert or just need a new idea, baby scrapbook theme albums are a creative way to treasure all your baby's moments. Decorating around a theme such as an alphabet, counting or animals for a baby scrapbook is both creative and fun. Alphabet Scrapbook PagesRemembering the alphabet and using your baby's photos can be fun and educational for the entire family. Try making an alphabet or ABC baby scrapbook. Attach a colorful letter to each page in baby's scrapbook album, die cut words and photos to remember all of your baby's special moments.Here are a...

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Why Scrapbook Journaling Matters

Why is journaling so important? Imagine the difference between a photo album of your family 100 years ago with just photographs and no words. You would enjoy looking at the photos but wouldn't you have a lot of curiosity about the story of the people in the photos? You would have to guess about their lives.Journaling is a chance to capture your life and what it feels like to live it for your own benefit and that of anyone else that ever sees it and wants to know more about your life and that of your family.You will want to...

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5 Fun Things to Do With Scrapbook Picture Frames

Learn the five different ways that you can use scrapbook picture frames to help decorate your home and help bring your family closer.If you love scrapbooking, you'll really enjoy displaying your favorite pages in a scrapbook frame. Share your creativity and artistic endeavors with others in a scrapbook frame display. Scrapbook picture frames allow you to display your scrapbook page hung on a wall in your home or office. Use your imagination and creativity for a fun display you and your friends will enjoy seeing. Here are just a few ideas to get your creativity going:Rotating Fun Yes, it is...

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